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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Aug 9, 2023

Katlyn is the owner and creative director of Katlyn Slocum Design a boutique web design agency. Her agency specializes in building high-converting websites for builders and contractors to help them meet their business and financial goals.

We chat about what every website needs, what to look out for if you’re designing your own website and how to create a strategy to get you the clients you want and deserve. It’s a noisy world out there but websites are still very relevant and important to the success of your business.


1:11 Intro

5:52 Search Engine Optimization 

13:28 How to get started with a Website 

22:50 How often should you be updating your Website 

27:15 Web hosting

28:50 Marketing Metrics  

32:00 Giveaway: 10 things you need to do on your website 


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