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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Nov 30, 2017

Any of several minerals (such as chrysotile) that readily separate into long flexible fibres, that cause asbestosis and have been implicated as causes of certain cancers, and that have been used especially formerly as fireproof insulating materials

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Nov 23, 2017

Similar to a Passive HouseR-2000 is another building standard that you can plan to achieve when building your home.  It can be overwhelming to learn about all these different building standards. The important thing, for you, is to know which one of these measures suits your needs.

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Nov 16, 2017

Can I do my own demolition?

Us, humans, are very good at tearing things down and apart, but this podcast is not about that.

This episode is about getting the answer to the question: Can I do my own demolition?

Yes, you can!

Nothing is stopping you from tearing down your walls, ceiling and floors. Before you do that...

Nov 9, 2017

How much should I budget for my project per sq.ft?

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Nov 2, 2017

What is a Passive House?

We have been talking about the Passive House concept for a while now, yet the majority of people don't know what a Passive House means.

Let me give you an example:

You are probably aware of the term "Passive Income". You know that it is the type of income that you generate while doing little or...