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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jun 13, 2019

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Britt is an experienced entrepreneur. Matthew’s goal was always to be job free before his 30th birthday and that was successfully achieved at 29 years old when he resigned from being a personal trainer with GoodLife Fitness. After bringing a solar referral company called Powur to Canada in early 2017, Matt found that there was a need for home and business owners to take control of their energy from how it’s made to where it comes from. Matt oversees all company operations alongside COO Forrest Vetter-Wilson and utilizes his connections to continually establish partnerships. 

In this conversation with Casey Grey, Matt talks about his dad and his first taste of entrepreneurial life entering the network marketing world. He talks about a conversation with his chiropractor that inspired the "Let's hug it out" brand and his daring jump into the solar industry at at time when many in the industry were leaving. Lots of great information in this podcast including Matt's audacious billion dollar plans. 


  • 02:45 How it all started ​
  • 07:00 Billionaire in action 
  • 08:30 The Monk who Sold his Ferrari - how it changed is mindset 
  • 12:00 Lets hug it out
  • 17:30 Jumping into solar
  • 35:00 Giving back with watt for watt 
  • 42:00 Finding talent 
  • 53:00 Parting words





Every time a family in Ontario installs a 10kw solar array we can help roughly 25-30 families in a developing nation get power for the first time

"Nothing feels like work anymore it’s fantastic

--Matthew Britt