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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Oct 22, 2021

Janice Ashworth - Project Manager at City of Ottawa Climate Change Unit

(99+) Janice Ashworth | LinkedIn

Janice has been a tireless advocate of community-owned power for more than decade.  She played an important role in developing 17 solar power projects in Eastern Ontario with a total generating capacity of 1.7 MW. She has been with the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op since 2011 and has 10 years of experience in renewable energy. At OREC, she is responsible for business development, project management, and financing. Janice Chairs the Ontario Federation of Community Power Co-operatives, is a member of the Sustainability Committee of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, and sits on the Net Metering Working Group of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. She coordinated the Nova Scotia Sustainable Electricity Alliance and worked in wind energy with the community-owned Colchester-Cumberland Windfield. Her non-profit experience includes community organizing for Ecology Ottawa and promoting solar energy with the Ecology Action Centre. In her time as General Manager of OREC, Janice has been named as a 40 Under 40 business leader by the Ottawa Business Journal, and was awarded the 2017 Solar Woman of Distinction by Women in Renewable Energy.

1:25 start 

2:12 where did the interest come from

7:00 how are we doing energy use, the effect of covid 

12:50 Community-owned power what is it?

14:10 Energy democracy 

17:45 OREC - solar and wind projects in Ottawa, 

18:57 Co-power 

19:40 Green Energy Act 

22:10 ONEC - community farm 

24:45 Farm co-op  - organic vegetables  

29:00 Growing our own garden

31:00 Climate refugees  

32:30 Project manager -  Ottawa climate unit - what they do 

Climate change resiliency 

Climate change mitigation 

Specific role -  financial modeling, private building retrofits 

35:11 Private building retrofits  - better homes loan program - 0% financing to homeowners, Oct 25th loan program starts.

39:43 how does it work, energuide audit

44:00 energy evolution  - strategy to achieve master plan net zero 2040