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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Oct 28, 2022

Sigi Koko is the principal designer at Down to Earth Design, which she founded in 1998 to help people achieve their dreams of living in natural, healthy homes. She translates each client’s vision into a unique building design that reflects their personality and lifestyle, while responding to the surrounding landscape...

Oct 21, 2022

As we hit 200 podcast episodes, Casey reflects on what it has taken to get here and introduces more of the team! It's a new era as Casey's finally moving to working more remotely on the business while the crew have things covered on site.


Oct 17, 2022

Eric Anderton is a consultant who helps Commercial Construction Executives increase profits, reduce overhead/expenses and increase team effectiveness. He helps people to think critically about their challenges, and draws out answers from people that they would not have got by themselves. He enables businesses to...

Oct 5, 2022

Matt Daigle is the Founder and CEO of Rise - an education-first online home improvement store that sells only vetted sustainable products and materials. While Matt always had a love of renovations, it was the birth of his first child and the challenges he faced in his home renovations, along with his innate desire to...