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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jun 20, 2019

Emile caught the entrepreneurial spirit at the age of four, delivering papers for his older brother for ten cents and a bag of chips each week. 
Over the next 40 years he turned revenue streams and profit development into an art form across a variety of industries. Emile is co-founder  of Collab Space, a Collaborative Business Community in the west end of Ottawa called Collab Space and believes executive knowledge should be available to all startups; not just those that can afford it.
In this conversation with Casey, Emile shares some business lessons and Casey looks for some insight on how he can improve his sales process, with over 45 plus businesses started Emile has a wealth of knowledge which he shares in his role as mentor at Collab Space and he talks about their exciting 4 year anniversary they are celebrating as he says "a celebration for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs"  


  • 2:26 What is profit?
  • 12:20 Delivering papers at four
  • 16:00 Building a team 
  • 19:30 Collab Space
  • 23:30 Business owners vs. Entrepreneurs 
  • 31:00 Sales
  • 35:30 What gets Emile excited




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"You actually have to budget for profit and make profit an expense, profit plus expenses equals revenue, if you don’t do that you’ll never get it " 

"My passion is supporting people to be successful, and what I call success is having a self sufficient business" 

--Emile Salem