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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jun 7, 2023

Caroline Blazovsky is the CEO of My Healthy Home, a national company specializing in indoor air quality products, consultation and testing services. Her focus is on working with physicians, homeowners, other building professionals and the public to improve wellness through home environments and make humans healthier.

In this episode Caroline shares tips for homeowners to improve their home along with some common missteps that you might be making. She shares her cleaning secrets, why your air purifier might be doing more harm than good and why formaldehyde is such a resilient nemesis and so much more. 

4:00 Mold and Other contaminants 

9:00 Formaldehyde 

12:00 Radon

14:00 When to use Air Purifiers 

20:00 VOC levels 

29:30 Testing Indoor Air Quality 

36:00 What are Caroline's biggest challenges 

41:30 What is Caroline most excited about

45:00 Recommended Products  


For more from Caroline:

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  • FB Caroline Blazovsky, Healthy Home Expert, My Healthy Home