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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 8, 2019

In this episode Casey interviews Lynne Lafontaine a banker and sales marketing professional, until the age of 40, when a separation inspired her to change careers and buy a house and renovate it. Lynne took 6 years to finish her first renovation, through the process she realized she didn’t enjoy laying floors and painting, but she enjoyed designing the space. In this podcast Lynne talks about her first renovation, going back to school at 40 and how she got into the business by starting a staging business. Lots of advice on setting expectations for your next project, and as an trained cook she shares some kitchen design advice and introduces a new exciting project in the works called,  Next Fase Design. Check out the podcast links and timeline for more details.



  • 2:30  Lynne's background and first renovation
  • 6:00  Retaking grade 12 math at 42
  • 7:00  Architectural design vs. Interior Design
  • 10:00 Staging - Lynne's first gig in the business
  • 18:30 Managing client expectations 
  • 20:50 New home owners don't do this before your renovation!
  • 27:00 Lynne on budget: how do you get the real budget?
  • 30:00 What makes a good team?
  • 41:00 Designing a functional kitchen
  • 44:30 Lynne introduces her new design concept: Next Faze Homes
  • 49:15 Lynne's last words of advice



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"When I got separated I had to redirect my career into another direction at 40 odd years old, so I decided to buy a house in Manor Park and renovate it. "

-- Lynne LaFontaine