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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jul 20, 2022

David Dodge is an environmental journalist and a photojournalist who has worked for newspapers, published magazines, produced radio, and was the production manager for a Canadian nature publisher. He produced more than 350 award-winning EcoFile radio programs on sustainability for the CKUA Radio network. 

David has worked for not-for-profit organizations such as the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Pembina Institute. He served as a founding co-chair of Edmonton’s Energy Transition Advisory Committee and is also involved with Evansdale Community League in his neighbourhood where he’s led solar and energy efficiency projects. His community league gets all of its electricity from solar energy on a net annual basis.

​​Green Energy Futures is a multi-media storytelling project that is documenting the clean energy revolution that’s already underway. It tells the stories of inspiring green energy pioneers who are moving forward in their homes, businesses, and communities


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0:00 Casey Introduction

2:21 David Dodge Intro

8:20 Lithium Batteries

10:50 Recycling Solar Panels 

14:53 Solar Farmland put to good use

22:46 Energiesprong  - Dutch Inspired   

28:00 Transitioning from fossil fuels: 

39:46 What can we do to help transition