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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jan 6, 2023

Manny Neves studied Film and TV and worked in Commercials and Film before coming back to construction. He jumped back into construction in 09 and started sharing the real side of construction online with "The Construction Life". Manny was approached by several producers to do a show but never agreed with the message portrayed by the usual construction shows you see out there and instead focused on building his own content. He shares a lot in this conversation, but a few things we discuss are: How to vet clients, the number one thing young trades need to know and the difference between a great client and a difficult client!


For more from Manny:


2:00 Introduction into Construction

8:00 Starting a Podcast

14:30 Work Life Balance

17:40 Running a Construction Company

22:25 Working with Clients

33:00 Advice for getting into the Business

38:00 Where is the industry Going