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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Nov 4, 2019

The Conscious Builder recently completed a Net Zero Fossil Fuel Free custom home in Ottawa, Ontario. Casey discusses the project and interviews some of the professionals involved including designer Lynne Lafontaine who addressed some design flaws on the original plans, lead carpenter Darcy Lott talks about his biggest regret, energy advisor Stephen Magneron takes us through the blower door test,  solar installer Mike Gauthier, talks about the costs and the homes current performance and director of Net Zero Housing for the Canadian Home Builders Association, Sonja Winkelmann gets us excited about some future financing options. This is a must listen for anyone considering building a high performance home or a custom home in general, or wants to stay up to date in the industry. 


Guests in order of Appearance

Lynne Lafontaine 

Designer - Designfaze

Darcy Lott

Lead Carpenter - The Conscious Builder

Stephen Magneron 

Energy Advisor - Homesol Building Solutions 

Mikael-Pierre Gauthier

Owner - Exconstruction - Solar Installer 

Sonja Winkelmann

Director - Net Zero Housing