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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Nov 17, 2022

Paul Grahovac joins the podcast this week to discuss benefits of passive house, how to market passive houses and how both passive house and prefabrication can save you time and money.

Paul holds degrees in Economics and Law from the University of Kansas. He has been active in the construction industry for 30 years -- first as a construction defects trial lawyer and later as corporate counsel and an expert in Passive House prefabricated wall and window assemblies and in air barrier technology. He  spent ten years in technology development and licensing at a U.S Department of Energy Research & Development Laboratory. He is active in the Air Barrier Association of America and the Passive House Alliance US.

Paul works for Build SMART, LLC and PROSOCO, Inc. where he holds positions handling legal, marketing, risk management, and codes, standards, testing and field support.

2:00 Intro into Construction 

3:39 Law School

5:29 Building Defects 

7:20  Build Smart Products 

21:50 Marketing Tactics 

27:00 Benefits of Passive house 

30:50 Financial Case for Passive House 

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