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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 1, 2019

Rock Thomas, a self made millionaire of several business and six award winning RE/MAX franchises, is the founder of a group called M1. As part of M1, the group does regular Facebook Live events called Monday Night Live. In this live event Casey has the mic to answer questions from the tribe and speak about the three steps to Conscious Building.


Podcast Timeline:

3:45 Introduction

7:45 Becoming a father and becoming more conscious/aware of your purpose/calling

14:30 The importance and benefits of writing

18:30 Questions to start asking yourself to become more conscious and replace bad habits.

21:00 What we don't know, we don't know. What we should know about indoor air quality.

26:30 Getting past writers block

28:30 The importance of Fresh Air Systems

31:45 Surrounding yourself with the best team

39:15 Family and breaking the habit of work, work, work.

52:00 Introduction to Gingko

55:30 Introduction to M1


Podcast Quotes

Casey talking about his son

"we feel like we're supposed to teach them, but if we're curious and open to it they will teach us more than we will ever teach them"

 Rock Thomas speaking on M1

"It's like a buffet of information that you could use for your business and life"


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