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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jan 3, 2022

Paul Harvey is an Ex Digital marketer and the full-time host of the Life Passion and Business Podcast. Paul is passionate about life, fascinated with technology and curious about people. He has always been intrigued by how things work, both on a mundane level like fixing the washing machine, and on the global level, ecological resources and fixing the planet. That curiosity has brought a lot of variety into life and work. For the majority of his career, it has meant product marketing or people development. He is a skilled coach, speaker and facilitator, always committed to bringing out the best in the people around him. 

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Conversation Highlights:

0:40 Life passion and business

3:15 The five questions

7:00 Making the cashiers day better 

8:10 Don’t set massive goals 

9:30 Destructive to do lists 

10:00 Set intentions -  time blocking

11:20 Quote - signpost along a journey onto something else 

12:15 Comparing yourself to others

13:15 Avoiding the distractions, doing the work

17:50 200 reasons why & the story

19:45 Storytelling

20:22 The success trap 

23:20 What I didn't like about marketing

26:00 Serve your body   

28:20 What is success?