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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 14, 2019

In this Podcast Casey interviews Michael Peixoto, husband, father, professor, soccer coach and award wining principal architect at ARCA-VERDE architecture inc, he talks about his own 2600square foot Passive House he and his wife Robin Peixoto (principal interior designer with the firm Parallel 45) designed and moved into with their two daughters in 2017.

In this podcast Michael talks about the business and how he got into architecture, what success means to him, changes in the industry, juggling his family commitments and so much more. Check out the podcast timeline and links below:

Podcast Timeline:


  • 2:00 Introduction
  • 7:15 Passive house
  • 13:15  What attracted Michael to architecture
  • 23:15 Michael talks about bringing a project to completion and what success means to him.
  • 29:15 Changes to the construction industry
  • 36:50 Michael talks about starting his own practice
  • 39:15 How does Michael spend his free time?
  • 48:40 Michael and Casey talk family
  • 1:00:00 Some parting advice from Michael

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Podcast Quote

"You take a series of information and criteria and you somehow dilute that into something that ends up as a physical building, there's something incredibly rewarding about that"
-- Michael Peixoto