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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 29, 2019

In Episode 64 Casey Interviews his gymnastic’s coach  Alex MacInnes. Born and raised in Prince Edward Island where he competed in gymnastics and represented PEI in 7 Canadian National Championships. Alex moved to Ottawa to pursue his studies and work with at risk youth before deciding to take the big risk and open up his own gymnastics training center. Now with a growing team of gymnasts he continues to grow as a coach and help youth and adults pursue improvements in strength, flexibility and cardio all while having a good time! In this podcast Alex talks about growing up in gymnastics and the transition from athlete to business owner and much more! Check out the podcast links below for more information.

Episode Timeline:


  • 2:50 Starting gymnastics
  • 8:30 Moving to Ottawa to study and become a youth worker
  • 15:00 Struggling as a new business owner
  • 23:00 Getting into training
  • 30:00 Expanding the business
  • 33:30 Speacializing in your stenghts
  • 38:50 Parting words of advice

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Podcast Quote:

"It's so important to find balance in your training that's going to allow you to move better, feel better and live longer, that's what I'm really after is helping people achieve that with the end goal of happiness" Alex MacInnes

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