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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Oct 28, 2022

Sigi Koko is the principal designer at Down to Earth Design, which she founded in 1998 to help people achieve their dreams of living in natural, healthy homes. She translates each client’s vision into a unique building design that reflects their personality and lifestyle, while responding to the surrounding landscape and climate. Sigi’s uniquely collaborative design process provides a high level of information and support, encouraging her clients to engage fully throughout design and construction. Sigi also teaches natural building workshops that empower her clients to contribute meaningfully during the construction of their own home.



2:07 Interest in natural building 

5:25 Background 

7:00 Insulation Choices

10:00 Straw bale 

12:00 Air Barrier 

15:40 Heating and Cooling 

16:00 Passive Solar 

25:00 Code Compliance 

32:00 Custom home vs custom natural 

37:00 Future of natural building