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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jun 7, 2019

Daughter, gymnast, sports anchor, wife, mother, morning show host Lianne Laing was born and raised in Ottawa. She attended the University of Massachusetts/Amherst on a full NCAA gymnastics scholarship and graduated with two business degrees before spending 20 years as a television broadcaster where she worked as a sports anchor and a host for Ottawa’s CTV Morning Live.  She covered everything from olympians, chefs, celebrities, community leaders and more. She reside's in Ottawa with her husband Tony and two daughters. 

In this podcast Lianne shares how an early childhood gymnastic competition accident changed everything for her at the age of eleven, including her own surprise leap into broadcasting, along with her scary transition into entrepreneurial life. Lots of exciting messages including how her dad's passing continues to influence her decisions today. 


  • 03:14 Growing up in gymnastics
  • 14:00 A chance meeting and a new career 
  • 16:00 Mother as coach 
  • 22:00 The transformation into entrepreneurial life 
  • 34:00  Charity life - Taking a swing at Cancer
  • 44:30 A lesson in memory of dad 




“I am incredibly great-full for the opportunity that athletics gave me to travel, compete in some of the most interesting places, meet amazing people and it offered me a four year education traveling the United States at a division one school and two business degrees”

--Lianne Laing 



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