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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Dec 3, 2021

Ben Adam-Smith worked in TV and radio for 15 years. With a growing concern about the environment, he wanted to play his part in looking for solutions. As our homes are probably the biggest part of our carbon footprint he started there. He set up a podcast called House Planning Help and documented what he learnt as he went about his own Passivhaus project. A decade on and his website is going from strength to strength. He also launched a membership community called The Hub to help others who want to build high performance, low carbon homes. Ben is passionate about the environment and believes with wise decisions about how we live our lives we can all make a difference.

You can find more from Ben here: 

00:50 introduction 

3:45 Sites near london

6:16 passive does not focus on embodied carbon, concrete and steel number one culprits 

8:05 pollution and extinction, extreme weather

10:33 other ways to reduce footprint 

12:05 flying 

13:43 real estate, what do we do 

16:00 more government incentives 

17:05 victorian building being brought up to passive house system 

18:50 incentive trends

19:50 what did you learn from building the passive house

24:30 Straw bale

27:50 gas boiler - radiators 

28:55 ventilation system

34:00 where does the plug go

35:00 we can’t make last minute decisions