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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Nov 19, 2021

Tom Reber ( is an entrepreneur, business coach, podcaster, founder of The Contractor Fight & Shin-Fu Sales Mastermind, and HGTV host. His content has helped hundreds of thousands of home improvement contractors improve their lives and businesses. 

Tom coaches and advises business owners and CEO's on how to lead better, build stronger teams and scale their businesses profitably. 

Tom is a United States Marine Corps veteran, lover of fine tequila and kettlebell fanatic. He is originally from Wheaton, IL and now resides in Colorado. 


Tom has written a new book: Winning the Contractor Fight 

"The Contractor Fight" is what Tom Reber calls the battle between your ears. We all have stories and experiences that have formed us into who we are. We are what we think, and the battleground is our mind. 

The Fight is not with the people you think are "cheap customers." It's not with the unlicensed competitors or the "illegals," as many contractors think. 

The Fight is with yourself. 

Sadly, most of the struggles contractors have are self imposed. It's friendly fire. The negative ways we think about ourselves and our worth… friendly fire. The growing debt, working too much, small bank account… friendly fire. 

Winning the Fight is a choice.

find Tom on instagram at @realtomreber, and YouTube at

0:00 introduction 


1:35 how did you get into the business

4:10 Contractors fight - why the name

5:45 why the mindset is so hard, negative self talk 

8:25 how to be more disciplined, small daily goals 

11:40 transition into HGTV 

18:40 importance of processes 

24:30 prioritizing yourself  time 

31:25 “if there’s anything you need we’ll share with you how you can live without it”

36:25 - book contractors fightclub