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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Feb 22, 2022

Josh Friesen is part owner of Duek Builders

Dueck Builders had its beginnings as Dueck Homes when Cal Dueck began building custom homes in 2006 in his neighbourhood of Fort Garry. Cal started with a hands-on approach, doing all the framing, concrete, and finishing in the green homes he built. 

Energy efficient homes and sustainable building practices continue to be at the forefront of what Dueck Builders brings to the table. They created the first privately-built LEED certified house in Manitoba, and Cal contributed to various Green building boards. Dueck Builders continues to invest in pushing the envelope for responsible building. Whether it is ICF houses or double-wall builds, they aim to achieve Passive House air exchange requirements to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

In 2016, Dueck Homes changed its name to Dueck Builders, remaining a family owned and operated business with nephew Josh Friesen joining the company. Dueck Builders is committed to making a fair wage and ensuring fair payment to sub-trades. They believe win-win situations are the only way to conduct business.

In this episode, we touch on a wide range of topics including:

-What sustainability means to Josh

-The base level techniques and products that Dueck likes to use

-Why being interested in people is so important

-How honesty always wins 

-How active listening may just be the solution to all your problems

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