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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Oct 8, 2021

Casey Grey joins an expert panel discussion on Innovative Technologies in New Home Builds at the 2021 SMARTNet Alliance Sustainability Showcase. GOHBA Ottawa's Executive director Jason Buggraff hosts, and RND construction's Roy Narendram and Chris Wiessflog of EcoGen Energy & Build round out the panel.

If you can handle some less than stellar audio, you won't be disappointed with this episodes' conversation! One audience member even gets a little spicy.

01:13 - Chris Weissflog Introduction - EcoGen Energy & Build  - passive house and retrofit 

2:32  - Casey Introduction  

3:17 -  Roy Nandram Introduction - RND Construction

4:10  - What makes a house efficient: Chis 

5:57 - Roy 

6:48 - What’s most important for the building envelope: 

Casey - house as a system 

8:14 -  What is short cycling: Casey

8:45 Recent projects that showcase energy efficiency:

Casey - 161 Year old Stone Home Retrofit

10:59 - Chris - recent projects and his own passive house - ground source heat pump

13:02 - Roy  - Ottawa’s 9 First Net zero development 

14:07 - House as a system  - airtight and breath: Casey

15:42  - Roy heat exchanger 

16:30 -  Air Vapour Barrier Systems: Roy 

17:51`- Casey assume water gets in water assembly 

19:12 - Chris 

22:58 - Embodied Carbon: Casey   

23:48 - Different Energy Rating’s/Standards: Roy 

26:35 - Passive House: Chris 

29:37 - Automation in energy efficiency:

Roy - thermostats,  fireplaces

31:12 - Chris 

33:23  Casey - house as system: Don't mess with it. 

34:21  Chris - education, like purchasing a vehicle 

35:29 Question: old house with addition, cold floor on piers, getting passive solar and windows, what is the best way to insulate the floor?

36:51 Casey's Answer: Airtightness, "Fresh Air", ERVs, SHGC, triple pane glass 

39:38 Roy add heating option 

40:46 Chris prevent thermal breakage, energy advisor, grants  

44:35 Question 2: heat loss on Chris’s house 

45:01 carbon dioxide monitor why not use one: Chris

49:15 Roy  - ventilation 

50:00 - Casey - Voc’s, 4

53:14 - Question: Sustainable countertop choice: Roy

56:55 - last comments: Chris direction of building codes 

58:10- Casey: How do we speak to the general public, not preach to the choir? You need to experience these houses.   

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