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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Sep 15, 2022

Dave knew at 12 years old that he wanted to own investment real estate. That early passion helped him to create a foundation that would allow him to expand into other business ventures. From technology platforms for real estate boards to medical devices or start-ups Dave has invested in or led many exciting team initiatives. In 2013 a call out of the blue inspired Dave to tackle the custom building industry with upstart Alair Homes. Today Dave oversees multiple Alair Regions in Canada and the US and is co-host of the popular business podcast Builder Nuggets.


1:40 Introduction

3:00 Getting into real estate 

10:00 Family 

15:00 Business Background - Corporate Life 

22:00 Becoming a builder 

26:20 Project Management 

29:00 Alair Homes Franchise 

34:12 Business System - Cost Plus 

41:55 Podcast 

50:00 Mindset