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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Sep 23, 2022

Co-founder and CEO at Agorus, Garrett Moore brings a career of executive-level leadership and technology expertise to the construction industry. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and a Master’s in Cyber Security from Tel Aviv University. Garrett is an Olmsted Scholar, prior collegiate athlete, and Navy Veteran.

This episode it’s all about pre-fabrication. We discuss how traveling around the world help Garrett with his current business, why panelization is the sweet spot and how this is only a small step towards solving our housing crisis in North America.

For More from Garrett:


2:00 How Garrett got into Pre-Fab 

6:11 First steps Pre Fab

20:00 Core mission below cost 

22:30 Process 

31:25 Housing shortage 

36:25 Scaling the company