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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jan 25, 2023

Priscille Joseph is the principal designer and founder of LPD Studio, an interior design studio located in Canada’s capital, with a focus in biophilic design and wellness. She’s a wife, mom, entrepreneur, plant parent, tea lover and podcast host of the Designing Wellness Podcast. Priscille has been working in the field for almost ten years with experience in residential and corporate design.

In this episode we discuss topics such as how to connect nature with your design, what the WELL Building Standard is and whether or not spaces should be separated for their different functions. 

2:06 Intro into design

9:00 Biophilic Design 

18:00 WELL Certification 

23:29 Design preferences residential

25:15 quote how we sit in a chair 

32:50 AI Technology in Design 

38:44 Closing words and advice 


For more from Priscille:

instagram: @designingwellnesspodcast