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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Dec 16, 2021

Shawna is Blue House Energy's resident building science expert, designer of green homes, and planner for deep energy retrofits. A sought after speaker, author, and blogger, she has published numerous books, research reports, and technical studies in the industry. She also creates course content and provides instructional design and business development.

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2:10 Meet Shawna Henderson

5:00 energy advisor, home inspector, nova scotia,  

7:18 R2000 bad builders 

11:07 Benchmarking 

13:36 Retrofits 

14:58 what’s the payback 

16:00 what is a retrofit  - energuide for houses 

18:52 deep retrofit 

20:15 increasing insulation once in a lifetime 22:20 CCMC canadian construction materials center 

25:00 contractors should be licensed

31:00 what is resiliency?

40:00 training course