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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Apr 2, 2021

Chris Ballard from Passive House Canada joins Casey Grey for an interview on episode 142 of The Conscious Builder Podcast.

We discuss the current climate crisis, the future of new builds and making existing properties more energy efficient, building to the Passive House standard to reduce energy and environmental impact, and what our role as individuals is in supporting this movement.

Chris Ballard has a history of supporting environmental and land use causes, most recently as the Ontario’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change implementing the government’s plan for a clean environment and a sustainable economy. He also served as the Minister of Housing and the Minister responsible for Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy and Member of the Treasury Board. Chris is a past Executive Director of the 60,000 member Consumers’ Association of Canada (Ontario) and a founding board member of the Consumers Council of Canada. His leadership in journalism, communications and public affairs includes terms as President and Board member of the Public Affairs Association of Canada.