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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

May 9, 2019

Breanne Gibson is a global change leader for regeneration, speaker. She's an educator, holistic nutrition expert, and permaculture practitioner.  She is the founder of Breanne Gibson LLC, a coaching and consulting company focused on helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations align with the intelligence of nature for ultimate energy, health and resiliency.

Her mission is to reconnect humanity with nature and remove the gap between soil and health for both human and planet.

In this podcast Breanne touches on her journey beginning in British Columbia growing up on 10 acres "in nature", to her experience in the army before branching out and creating her own coaching and consulting business. Breanne shares some insights into her own diet to how to make soil for growing your own food and so much more. Her passion and wealth of knowledge is contagious and might  inspire you, if you haven't already to do some research into what your eating.  After listening to this podcast make sure to visit Breanne's links for more information.

Episode Timeline

  • 2:00 Introduction
  • 6:00 Climate change and consciousness from Scotland
  • 18:15 Learning about your soil and growing your own food
  • 31:30 Buying local produce
  • 40:30 Breanne's diet
  • 49:00 Breanne's Regenerative Road Map
  • 53:00 The beginning of Breanne's journey

Episode Links


"Nature never leaves herself bare only humans leave her bare"

--Breanne Gibson talking about soil quality


"I think for us and its evolved but we’ve always supported each other in our individual journeys there’s never been a feeling that i can’t live my life because I’m with you and vice versa and that’s been really freeing.”

----Breanne Gibson on fourteen years with her husband


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