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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 22, 2022

Natalie Leonard is the first Certified Passive House Consultant and Certified Passive House Builder in Canada. Her mission is to make sustainable, high-performance homes affordable for everyone. She leads the Passive Design Solutions team with a depth of experience in creating cost-effective, beautiful, and ultra-efficient homes.
Natalie brings her engineering background, hands-on design, construction experience and a practical approach to building.
Passive Design Solutions has completed over 100 Passive House projects in cold climates. They specialize in designing Net-Zero ready passive homesand the services needed to see projects through to completion, such as custom design, construction support, and energy consulting.
2:36 How Natalie got into the business 
7:45 Is it worth getting certified?
9:45 What is a passive house certification?
11:45 Mistakes on Previous Passive House Builds 
15:30 Working with more builders
19:00 Difference between PHIUS and  PHI 
23:45 Changing from ACH to leakage per sq. feet
25:00 Changes to Primary Energy Requirement to reward high density builds
31:30 Passive Solar House is not the same 
35:00 Pre-Designed Passive Homes 
40:50 Purchasing a Pre Designed Passive House Plan 
48:00 Future of Construction
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