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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 31, 2023

Maria Coulter is the Founder of Construction Coach. With a career spanning over 20 years in the industry as a Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager and Risk Manager, Maria’s interest in personal development led her to become a qualified Personal and Business Coach in 2012. Maria launched Construction Coach in 2014 working with SME’s and micro-businesses to build stronger, more profitable and happier businesses. She also hosts the Construction Revolution podcast where she interviews change makers from inside and outside of the industry. To influence change Maria is also a Non-Executive Director on the Construction Industry Council national board, Chair of the CIC Diversity and Inclusion Panel, Chair of the CLC RMI Skills Group and member of the CLC working group, Skills for a Modernized Industry.

In this episode we chat about the biggest hurdle that most contractors face, why working on yourself needs to come before working on the business and how to design your business for a successful life.


2:36 Intro 

8:30 Challenges in Business 

18:40 Creating Community 

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