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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jan 11, 2023

Jeff Shore is the co-author of the new book "From Contract to Close" which focuses on how to earn referrals through outstanding customer care. Jeff is a 35-year real estate veteran and the founder of Shore Consulting, offering sales strategy, training and coaching to builders around the world.

If you’re involved with sales or customer service in your business, this is the episode for you. We discuss topics such as understanding how people make decisions, how to deal with couples when selling and how focusing on customer satisfaction will not help your business. 

For more from Jeff Shore: 


1:48  - Why sales 

10:27  Tips strategies for working with Couples 

15:30 The Customer satisfaction problem 

29:30 Sales are down, how do you grow

33:30 The sales process - When to ask what’s your budget 

38:50 Closing Questions