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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 15, 2023

Craig Toohey directs Business Development at Collective Carpentry, a custom home wood product-based prefabrication company in Invermere, British Columbia focusing on super-insulated assemblies, low carbon materials, and off-site Passive House construction.

Craig has been certified by both the Passive House Institute and PHIUS, and currently works remotely from Europe where he is closely connected to the European industry for prefabricated Passive House construction.

Craig has worked with Passive House practitioners across North America, using his background in sustainable business strategy and technical product sales to simplify, communicate, and put into action the solutions that developers, architects, and builders need to meet their business challenges, regulatory requirements, and their own ambitions for providing effective radical building efficiency and carbon mitigation solutions.

This episode is all about prefab construction. We chat about when it’s best to use Prefab, how Collective Carpentry is achieving Passive House Certification, how the industry is going to benefit from technology and so much more. 


3:33 What got you into Pre Fab?

9:05 Getting to Scale 

20:02 Wall section details 

26:09 Biggest challenge in the industry 


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