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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Jun 1, 2022

Peter is a Canadian engineer from Toronto that moved to Auckland New Zealand 3 years ago and is now working to educate and innovate the building envelope industry in NZ. Working with oculus architectural engineering, he works on new builds, investigations, and retrofits, and also generates educational content for oculus’ website and social media platforms.

In this episode, 

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IG: @pink.moose



4:00 New Zealand Climate


5:0 Building Code 


12:19 Most exciting project 


15:00 Passive House 


16:30 Asthma, indoor air quality people live with windows open the entire time, no screens on windows (north america only) 


19:00 Arguments against passive  


22:07 Where is the construction industry going in NZ 


24:10 Embodied carbon, blower door should be required