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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Apr 8, 2022

Chelsah Thomas is the founder of Sol Invictus Energy Services, located in Red Deer, Alberta. With a passion for sustainable construction and renewable energy, she founded her social enterprise in 2016. Chelsah’s motivation to help others build better flowed from her own experience in constructing Central Alberta’s first Net Zero, Passive Solar Home. Chelsah’s firm now serves Western Canada for residential energy efficiency needs and recently won “Business of the Year, 2020” for Young Entrepreneur. 

1:10 intro

4:30 - building their own net zero house, focus on consulting, getting to net zero, holistic approach 

6:50 what is a social enterprise 

12:15 What are earthships 

15:00 What is a B - Corp

19:00 What is the Thomas House Project - solar panels and credits 

23:40 Wall Assembly - windows, etc, architect? 

32:20 what would you change, aging in place

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IG - @sol_invictus_energy_services

Twitter - @sol_invictus_es

FB -


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