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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Mar 1, 2023

Allison Bailes is the Chief Troublemaker at Energy Vanguard, a building science firm located in Decatur, Georgia. The company’s focus is on residential HVAC design, consulting, and training. Dr. Bailes has a PhD in physics from the University of Florida and has been involved with the field of building science since 2001, when he built a high-performance home out of structural insulated panels. He is the author of a popular building science book titled A House Needs to Breathe…Or Does It? He also is well known for writing the Energy Vanguard Blog and a weekly newsletter.

This episode is all about HVAC. We chat about what systems seem to be popular and why, the best place to filter the air for your central forced air system and the biggest mistake people make when designing a home from the perspective of an HVAC designer.


2:26 Intro

3:15 Catalyst into building science 

6:01 Lessons learned from building house 

7:00 Heat Load Calculation 

10:00 Current challenges 

14:26 SIPS - why 

16:35 A House needs to breath or does it?

 26:40 Electrification

29:00 High Humidity


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