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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Nov 28, 2018

This was recorded from a live presentation at the Ottawa local Chapter of Professional Engineers on November 21st.

In Casey's presentation he talks about what is a passive house, what he learned from his experience and how that differed from common wisdom.

After the 18 minute mark Casey starts taking questions, we do have a video version of the presentation you can switch to, but we've included the questions below with the time code for the audio version.

see youtube video here:

18:41 What's so important with the overhangs?

23:20 Did you have thermal panels to produce hot water?

23:30 Why didn't you take advantage of solar heating?

24:35 Did you consider building LEED Certified?

25:10 Clarification if Casey was using Air Source Heat Pumps

25:30 What was the COP on the Air Source Heat Pump

25:40 What kind of refridgerant?

27:06 Did you put blinds on the windows to control the temperature?

28:06 Can you comment on the use of spray foam?

29:17 What was the total cost of the project?


Casey was invited to speak at the Ottawa Chapter of Professional Engineers - Sustainability Symposium in November 2018. He took the opportunity to talk about his experience living in his Passive House and answer questions from the audience.

Casey Grey is a licensed carpenter, he is the Founder of The Conscious Builder where he and his team focus on building and renovating homes “consciously”. Ultimately, these are homes that are cheaper to operate, better for the environment, more comfortable to live in and, most importantly, healthier for the families who live in them.

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