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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Apr 27, 2023

As a 4th generation mason, Matt DiBara took over a very successful company and made it even more successful in the Los Angeles area. Matt used his degree in construction management and environmental design from UMass to earn a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable service by bringing a fresh perspective to an old-school industry. In doing so, Matt discovered the answer to the biggest single challenge all contractors are now facing: recruiting. He also offers co-founded The Contractor Consultants, a service offering education, consultation and outsourced hiring for contractors.

In this episode, Matt shares some serious wisdom for contractors and business owners, how improper recruiting almost bankrupted his company, what he did to flip this around, what their greatest marking strategy is, and so much more. 

0:27 - Introduction
5:10 - The challenge of modernizing, should be difficult, shiny object syndrome 
6:32 - Keeping a good balance of tradition and modern, approach
7:33 - Strategic thinking 
11:34 - Modernizing approach, process improvements creating exponential growth 
14:10 - Venn diagram exercise 
15:16 - Almost went bankrupt/Recovering sales junkie
17:20 - Recruiting: 4 key parts
21:09 - Skills Assessments 
27:47 - Marketing: One of the best tools 
29:45 - Timing: How to Meet Contract Deadlines 
32:30 - Process Innovation & solving problems in the future

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