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The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Aug 8, 2022

Mariana Pickering Co-Founder of Emu, is a recovering architect and an expert in communicating the construction industry’s movement towards a better understanding of building science and sustainability.

With over a decade of work on high-performance projects and products across three continents, she is passionate about translating data, results, and needs into stories that help shift the cultures and mentalities of building professionals towards change.

In this episode we talk about the lack of building science knowledge on today's job sites and how we're changing that, EnerPHit and Passive House certification, how to sell Passive House to clients and some thermal mass misconceptions. 

For More from Mariana: 

1:30 Introduction

9:15 Building Science

13:45 EnerPHit

21:30 Passive House Certification

27:30 Cost per square foot

29:00 What is not Passive House

34:30 Thermal Mass Misconceptions